resurrected, or something.

My, oh my. 

It's been a while since I've come to a little box deep within the inter-space to share my ramblings, pictures, and all the little things that come from my brain and fingertips. I have started a few new endeavors and contacted my best friend to make me a website, something professional. However, nothing is quite the same as "blogging", is there? Something has been missing from me the last few months. I think it's this yearning for photo adventures that I used to take, self portrait therapy sessions, and just a place that is mine all mine that I can store everything away. 

I'm a different person in all sorts of ways from my last little URL, so of course, I had to make a new one. I chopped off my identity (my curls), removed negativity from my life, lost some loved ones, but gained so many as well. I got a promotion at work and started doing something that I have always wanted to do on the side. Write for a music blog! So far, I have only had one post as I have been utterly too busy (then exhausted after work) to put more effort into it. My professional ramblings can be found at Listen Hear

On a more sad, not-so-sad-note, my beloved baby camera was stolen. It is entirely my fault, I GUESS, considering I left my apartment door unlocked whilst moving, however, why do people have to be pieces of shit? My wonderful human bought me a canon point and shoot for my birthday to replace it (I know, I know, she's amazing). It has a little video feature which I plan on using to it's full potential. I actually plan on buying a new SLR soon because my (self portrait) therapy has not happened in about a year and it's my ultimate outlet.

I guess that's why I've come back to this website. To have something more personal than a profresh onlineportfoliowebsite. Something that I can have again to give me daily inspirations to push myself to constantly create! Things have been so amazing for me lately and I feel as though my life is finally heading in the direction that I have been wanting for so, so long. All my life possibly. I know that this will only make it better.

currently listening to: girlpool, slutever, purity ring, courtney barnett, soko, jenny lewis (always), st. vincent and brand new.